Stretcher Service

Our non-emergency stretcher service can save families and facilities hundreds of dollars compared to the cost of an ambulance ride. As insurance rarely pays, this is a SIGNIFICANT saving for those who need such services. State EMS names this “Invalid Stretcher” transport, but many other terms mean the same thing – Stretcher, Stretcher Van, Bed-bound, Cot, Bedridden, and Gurney.

Our Stretcher Service

  • Local and Long Distance Transports: Whether you need to travel locally within your city or require long-distance transport, our stretcher service is available to cater to your needs.
  • House-to-Appointment: Our stretcher transportation services extend to provide convenient house-to-appointment
  • Facility-to-Facility Transfers: For patients requiring transfers between healthcare facilities, our service ensures a smooth
  • Discharges and Admits: When you’re discharged from a healthcare facility or need admission, we’re here to
  • Bariatric Stretcher (call for details and quote): For patients with specific bariatric needs, we offer specialized bariatric stretcher transportation
non emergency stretcher van
non-emergency stretcher service

For Non-Emergency Medical Transport (NEMT)

Express Transportation Service goes above and beyond to prioritize the well-being of our passengers. Our commitment to providing exceptional care is evident in our non-emergency medical transportation services, which include continuous accompaniment by qualified Medical Care Attendants. This service is designed for physically challenged, bed-bound or whose medical condition does not meet the specific criteria for the use of an EMS Ambulance.

Our attendants are extensively trained to deliver exceptional care, ensuring that every facet of the journey is not only comfortable and secure but also tailored to the unique needs of each patient. For reliable and compassionate stretcher service in Washington DC, look no further than Express Transportation Service.

Versatile and Reliable Transportation

Express Trnasportation Service, which is offering stretcher transportation which includes tranfer to and from bed at Pick-Up and Drop-Off (bed-to-bed). We utilize specially modified vans. Power Assist Stryker ambulance cots to transport patients safely and comfortably.

Our commitment to delivering reliable, safe, and on-time transportation extends to a variety of destinations. Whether it’s to and from hospitals, long-term care centers, retirement homes, rehabilitation centers, doctor’s offices, psychiatric facilities, or private residences, Express Transportation Service is at your service. Additionally, our stretcher and medical transport services are available for special events, including weddings, funerals, family functions, religious services, or home visits.

Non-Emergency Stretcher Transport
Stretcher Service in washington dc

Types of Patients/Riders

At Express Transportation Service, we cater to a diverse range of patients and riders, offering specialized transportation solutions to meet their unique needs. Our services are designed for:

  • Patients who are bed-bound.
  • Patients who are fragile, aged, or
  • Patients with limited flexibility or limited
  • Patients with paralysis – whether it’s in a single area, on the same side, or waist
  • Patients who cannot maintain an upright position in a
  • Patients who cannot fit into a standard
  • Patients with bedsores or wound care
  • Patients with mental or emotional conditions or issues where security is a
  • Patients with health conditions that prevent them from flying

Affordable and Accessible Medical Locations/Destinations

We understand that medical transportation can be a financial burden, and insurance coverage is often limited. That’s why Express Transportation Service is dedicated to offering an affordable and accessible solution for non-emergency stretcher service. Here are some of the locations/destinations:

  • Hospital Discharges to Facilities (Nursing, Assisted, Rehab, Retirement Homes, etc)
  • Hospital Discharges to Private Residence
  • Hospital to Hospital
  • Surgery Transport
  • Hospital Outpatient Visits
  • Physical Therapy Appointments
  • Doctor Appointments Chemotherapy/Dialysis
  • Long Distance Stretcher Transports (Discharge or Intake)
  • Standby for Special Events (weddings, funerals, family functions, religious services, etc)
Stretcher Service
stretcher transportation services

Stretcher Service for Bariatric and Leisure/Recreational Transports

We offer specialized solutions to cater to the diverse needs of our patients and riders. For those exceeding 250 lbs, dedicated “Bariatric” services, ensure safe and comfortable transportation. Typically, for every 100 lbs starting at 300, we allocate an additional person to assist. Our Bariatric Stretcher can accommodate individuals up to 650 pounds.

These include a wide range of events and activities such as Church gatherings, Graduations, Reunions, Movie or Play outings, Venues and Events attendance, Funerals, Weddings, Baby Showers, Hair Appointments, Legal Consultations, Depositions, Financial Institution visits, Airport transfers, Luncheons, and much more.

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